Hi folks,

I know it’s not sensible at all to start your second post with a title such as this, but who cares, its Bond.

“So.. I have a superpower (among many others) but the one I’m talking about right now is sort of my favourite. I can see aura’s. Aura’s which can predict an awful lot about your future and which can pierce through all the illusions you try to create in your sad and lonely existence. When I was a little child everything was bright and beautiful..(Oh.. here I am talking about the bright colour of aura’s around everyone.. Not the clichéd flower’s smelled the best and all .. Anyway.. Bond and flowers don’t really go well together) I used to see  huge amounts of green, yellow and pink around everyone and I thought it was normal to see them, but the Sherlock in me really took some time to deduce what every colour stood for. Here I’ll also make something clear, I am not suffering from any neurological disorder or Synesthesia, it is my superpower, plain and simple.

By the time I figured out everything about it, I was already a teenager, i.e., I was in the vicious clutches of the big bad world (according to wise people), but like every other teenager I sidelined their advice like a piece of crap. As a result, I removed my glasses (which gave me normal vision) less often, only peeked out of’em for checking out a sneaky looking person’s life expectancy or financial status.

One day in a hurry , I left my glasses at home. It was hard, pretending to be normal that day. The sight of a light green mixed with a red tinge (sign of approaching death) became unnerving and almost maddened me to the extent that I wanted to run away from there in my Aston Martin DB5. (Oh.. I forgot.. I was supposed to be serious..)(Hey don’t run away.. It ain’t no global warming shit) Well, every passing hour the guilt inside me, of coming to school without spectacles was gripping me with more intensity than ever (But you know you always have that one teacher who doesn’t let you think that way.. So it was cool.. After a while) the thing is, it’s not just about your life and economics, it’s about your relationship with others, it’s about how you think about me, it’s about how everyone feels about everyone else right in front of me (suck it up.. Backbiter’s). I obviously gave in to curiosity (You can’t help that in a girl’s school.. Can you..?) and started looking around our terribly noisy and boring classroom. My first victim, our schools chocolate-box couple, oh I tell you, the coruscating light of pink, radiated from their shared halo was a pain in my eyes (Given the fact I completely and incandescently hate pink) but apart from the pain, it was good to see a great friendship blossoming. As I watched the love birds flutter by past me, I saw one big spot of purple in one of the birds, I mean one of the girls (which means jealousy, disinterest, sort of like pain in the ass feeling for the other girl).My ladylike sensibilities overpowered me and I almost told the other girl about it but our beloved teacher came in and saved me from committing a despicable crime. How can a free spirit like me even dare to burst their bubble full of innocent romance. So, I decided it was better not to act as water in their ionic bond relationship and let the matter rest. The remaining day went well and I reached home, completely exhausted from all the colourful business I went through in school and threw myself on my bed.

When I woke up, it was already dinner time, so I just ate my dinner peacefully and since I could not concentrate on anything, I started thinking over today’s events. What if I was in the place of that girl..? Who knows, maybe I was, but just like she would’ve refused to accept the truth, even my mind repudiated the idea of being back stabbed by my best friend. In other words, I was afraid, afraid to accept the truth, afraid to be the victim, afraid to look, to see myself drown, afraid of the future. These thoughts made me realize, that my decision of wearing my spectacles to school was governed by my fear, more than guilt, more than anything else. And that’s the part which scared me even more, “Never let your fear decide your fate”, that’s a thing we keep hearing from time to time, but isn’t it hard following quotes.?(For me, it is. So I make my own.)  Well, I think everyone is afraid of being afraid. Fearlessness is not based on the fact whether you can watch a horror film alone at night or not, it is based on your courage to go out into the world even after knowing it’s capability of lacerating you, to share happiness, to make friends so close that even the thought of them leaving you can make you cry for days. That’s fearlessness. Everything in this world is meant to scare us in every possible way, our job is to not let them make it to our list of limits or phobias cause the more you limit yourself, the more your life starts becoming your existence. ”

Don’t care about your specs, live life king size and enjoy every moment to the fullest, that’s the only thing that matters.


The names Bond

                           -James Bond