Okay, so today I am gonna talk about the most expensive coffee in the world i.e., Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee or Vietnamese Weasel Coffee. Its price varies from $100 to $600 per pound and its special kind at $3,000 per kilogram (Yeah that’s the price of a deluxe Nano, it just weighs 599 kg’s more than this). Everyone knows that our love for coffee is interminable. Right..??

Our answer to questions such as, feeling sleepy ? (Especially during exams), feeling low ?(Again mostly during exams), euphoric ? (Definitely not during exams) are answered simply and effectively by coffee. And almost everyone would want to have the most expensive coffee once in their life. Especially when you have Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman advertise it in The Bucket List.

Okay, so the thing about this coffee is that a certain wild cat called Civet, found generally in Sumatra, are made to eat coffee beans, its poop is collected, finished and then sold as Kopi Luwak. So, you pay $35 to $100 per cup for cat poop coffee (That’s another name for it).

The second in this line is Black Ivory Coffee.. Well this one costs only $1,100 per kg, and yeah, this one’s made from elephant shit.. An elephant generally takes like 17 hours to eat the coffee cherries, semi-digest it and poop them out, which rules out any possibility for a fast paced industry. To create 1 kg coffee, the elephants have to eat 33 kg cherries. And it’s brewed in a machine whose design dates back to 1840, France.

Black Ivory coffee is created mostly in Thailand with Thai Arabica Coffee. The good thing about this one is that elephants aren’t captured and tortured for making of this coffee. Whereas, to produce the civet coffee, instances of poaching and cruelty towards the animal have been reported which has resulted in a certain decrease in number of civet’s. So don’t purchase Civet Coffee and show that you do not accept this kind of animal cruelty. SAVE ANIMALS..!

.                               – Crazy Evil Scientist