“If I don’t get a Nobel, we’ll become evil scientists, destroy the world, prepare an antidote, and become millionaires overnight” – Well, those are the words of a great friend of mine and the ‘WE’ includes me and her.

The problem is, we generally don’t appreciate someone, till that ‘someone’ shows us his/her capability of destroying us (Exceptionally lucky and rich cases excluded). I mean I’m not asking you to respect people out of fear, but at least appreciate them for the fact that they have the potential to scare you.(Scaring people isn’t as easy a job as you think.) Just remember one thing, the more you demoralize people, the more evil you are creating in this world.

I may not be very precise, but I’ll try to be as reasonable as possible. Which reminds me of another thing. People are so fond of precision. I mean just try this once.. You’ve been asked or you are telling someone about some figures, let’s say percentage of Hindu population in the world. You are not so sure so you round off and say 20%.. Now another child stands up and says 23.6%.. And then a certain know-it-all of your class says 27.93%.. Her word will be taken for Gospel. Even though she is the least accurate.. (The real Hindu population is 13.95%) . It actually works.

So in each episode I’m going to make you aware of certain facts, which I found intriguing or interesting; give a brief about it and off you go.


.                                   – Crazy Evil Scientist