It’s okay to not know you are not okay.
It’s fine, to let things be.

It’s fine to not be able to write,
It’s fine to just feel the screams rotting inside your tired head.
It’s going to be cold sooner,
The night.
And then it’d be fine to shiver.

There are times when winning and losing are just two paradigms one should steer clear of.
Why can’t one be just a bystander who stares?
Why can’t one be just a silent skeleton circling in his own zone?
Waking up, getting to work, and getting back,
Without shedding a tear,
Without mourning the departure of a part so dear to him.
Why can’t one be so numb, even glaciers of pain shy away?

Why can’t one be just, indifferent.
To the devastation.
After all, it’s okay
To not know you’re not okay.