Don’t let me write tonight,
Cause if you do,
There will be a massacre of words,
A slashing of fonts, an inhuman battle,
Of whether or not to light a cigarette up,
Cause I know when to give up,
But this ethanol running in my veins tells me every day to let things go,
And while swaying to the influence,
I try not to succumb to these mediocre judgements of the ones prone to their mundane lives ,
Where they go to work every day and return with a state of mind that they justify with their self made slangs,
I dig in to the worldly claws of insecurities of my own being,

I enjoy my suffering,
There, I said it.

I think I look cool brooding on my self loathing paradigms,
where one or more people are standing firm with their own rituals,
Of making the one they love, disgusted by their own egos,

This epiphany has been the most important to me of all,
For I’d never seen the world so clearly,

The only truth that I could find, fidgeting through the fickle freckles of fierce frowns,

That I have always been a scavenger of truth,
And all this bin of dirt has been able to offer me,

Was the lust,

The lust of being with the one who’d love me back..

For those who don’t know me,
Just know this,

You won’t ever know who I really am…