For the nicest of you,
For the most pleasant of you mortals,
I ask at this hour,
When the night is shivering with wrinkles on her cheeks,
And the dawn is a little too young to giggle yet,
I ask,
What brings you here?
Why your smiles are not real?
Is it too early to put off your masks?
Or is it too late to even try?
I remember most of you making promises,
I remember you taking vows,
I linger in the dark like the wind you put to sleep,
And I watch you sharpen your blades,
As you put your masks on your nightstands,
I watch you sleep,
And every breath you draw in,
I watch your face shimmer with truth,
So at this hour of your sweet slumber,
I ask,
Why isn’t evil your friend?
Or is he?
Why you all embrace the light?
When she is the one, who always betrays,
Give darkness a chance,
Cause she is the one who will always embrace you,
She is the one, who waits for you all day,
And when that angry star sleeps,
She rushes to the meadow, you always go to.
Only to find you melancholy,
So why not let her make love to you,
To the angels of the dawn,
I ask.