Ever seen the light at the end of the tunnel?
Ever felt it’s fleeing away to far off lands?

It’s never easy to admit the truth that you breathe every nightmarish moment made of massacres and mayhem.
It’s never easy to let out what you’ve kept buried for so long,
After all, the blames and blasphemy smeared shamelessly on your sickened skin sculpts your soul,
And those sour showers of sorrow, sob silently,
shawling you in sheets of shivering synonyms of sadness.

Hiding the hurt would’ve hurt half, had I healed.
As always, I adhered to anarchic alliterations, whenever you asked,
“What’s wrong?”
And at such times, all I had, was a scream slowly building in my chest,
At such times, I could feel my diaphragms shrinking,
Only to let out a battle cry,

You won’t ever know, how it feels when thousand poisoned arrows laced with words, rain on you.
But I know few things,
I’ve been around, you know.
To be made to feel like I was at fault, for being on the pointier side of the arrow.

So from now on, If you ever see the light at the end of the tunnel fleeing farther,

and Turn around.