I just want to let you know
When my words are little less worthy,
Of my homeless corners of this feeble heart
That I am not just a sad song
I have so much of joy to give
In those little packets of my guilt wrapped words

Baby, I didn’t want to write tonight
Like any other night
I only had few little screams and some sighs dipped in crimson raindrops of hope

Hope that you’d someday find
How does the dew drops of icy winters upon the lily petals of your unwilling smile taste like

So I just want to let you know
I am not just a sad song
All you need is to listen close

And you’d see
Those words soaked in melancholy were of Joy
Joy of you listening close
Joy of your presence making me glow
With the joy of you listening close

To the only song I have ever known
The song of you