Don’t let emotions strongarm you,
You have been better, like an unwavering rock
Not budging, with the timid breeze of sorrow and hatred,
And of the love not being reciprocated
Of letters returning to the sender
Of half hearted kisses
Of unintentional faithlessness

Which reminds me,
Intentions are just a make believe game which you play with yourself
Like a game of solitaire
Cause sometimes you have to fold your cards and take a breath
For you dont stack your cards once you know you won,

But what we forget is,
Intentions are just synonyms for what we want to look like
Not how we actually are,
Or feel,
Or see things

Reality is a different game altogether
In fact, not a game,
But a delicate house of cards,
Waiting for one intention to slack off,
And crash,
It crumbles.
And the fallen cards are real.
And homelessness is another reality,
And that’s not make believe,
For sure.

So don’t let those whimsical words worry your world of withered wishes wearing the worn out whispers.
Just make sure, next time you build a house,
Don’t use cards.