It’s only when you hit rock bottom
You know if beasts can be you

It’s only when the smell of your burning skin bothers your soul
You know it’s time
You are never the one to decide
What would be of you
What’d the pretense of the fire do to your hopeless dreams

It’s only when you see how needed you are
You know who is a fake friend
And who, a true foe

For the latter always was pure
Just like those moonlit nights when moon never flickered one tad bit
For it never took it’s eyes off you

And my numb brain
Kept on reminiscing over those little shenanigans
Which my vault of indifference, failed to see

My madness spread like a cancer
Like the legs of a drunken woman sold to the hands of a stranger.

This simile could never be more downtrodden than this

But still my ink didn’t hesitate one bit
For it knows
The truth of my soul
The filth that I mask every morning
With a smile
Which Is fortunately easy for eyes

So here goes nothing,

For it’s only when you hit rock bottom
You understand how far fetched your dreams of survival were.

Just saying.