Let me tell you a story tonight
About a young man who believed in blurting out truth
And in the process, hurting the ones who had a different utopia around them for this world.
He believed in staying the person who won’t hurt anyone, but won’t back down in telling his mind.
It’s hard for people these days.
They prefer being the ones they are not.
They prefer hiding the darkness that dances beneath their craniums and tells them to just be themselves.

“Be yourself” is the most overrated quote I’ve ever heard.
For everyone pretends to follow,
But not a single soul really does.

Let me tell you something,
You may speak the truth most of the times,
But there is always a filter,
And the residue it leaves behind,

That’s you

Not the words you vomited,
Not the lines you blurted out trying to be cool, brandishing the cruel sentences,
With one line in your defense,
“Truth is bitter”.

Fuck you,
Truth is not bitter,
It’s you who always kept soaking your lies in the oceans of honey.

It’s hard to digest,

Cause this story won’t end tonight,

But You’d be looking in the mirror,
And If a single shard of soullessness sighs at you,
Know this, my “friend”.

“Truth is bitter.”