What would you know about losing friends?
You have always lost them cause they messed up,
Try my shoes,
I lose people cause I either fall in my secluded corner where there are plenty of cigarettes,
Or just the anonymity,
Which I love immensely
Being invisible

My ways of getting hurt are way different, way too much real.
And you think I cut you off,
When the only one I cut off is me,
No, I’m not depressed,
Never been.
Or That’s what I like to tell myself,
Before falling asleep,
Or trying to wake up,
Or every moment in between.

What do you know about losing brothers?
For you have lost one of many.
Try my shoes,
I lose the only one I have, daily.
And that is not joyous, trust me.

Before throwing myself on the bed of invisible thorns,
I take a look around for a bottle,
And when I find them all empty,
I laugh,
For those empty bottles look just like me,

With few remaining drops left at the bottom of my heart.

What do you know about losing people?
You have only lost cause they left,
Try my shoes,
I push them away daily,
And then sob cause my lonely corner doesn’t seem fascinating anymore.

And the sad songs are just horrible jokes for me.
After all they are sung for the people who are hurt.
Not for ones who hurt.