You won’t ever know who I am.
I’d tell you why,
Cause you see with the eyes of hope,
And I’ve left the village of hope long ago,

I’ve left the village of Mirth long ago,
Yes I did arrive,
Smoked with the passengers,
Who themselves didn’t know where they were from.
I did climb the rocks of guilt,
I did conquer hearts full of innocence,
But I never was meant to be in their lives,
I never was a person to be loved,
You disagree
But you can’t be more wrong,
I am a deceiver,
I am a fake,
A traveler of lies,
A ghost to be despised,

So let me tell you one more time,
I don’t have any more words to feed your empty souls,
I’ve never been benevolent,
All I did was lie,

And you know what
I am lying this very moment,
For I am just a shell of darkness,
Full of filth,
And some of you,
Are smart enough to see through me,
Cause inside you’re ugly.

Just like me.