It’s a dark night,
Darker than those other nights, when my heart is a little less broken
And shards are scattered in the other corner
With a little room on the floor to walk on
But guess what, I don’t care anymore
If one day, You stumble on to my doorstep and walk all over those shards of my shrunken heart
I’d just give you a warm smile
And tell you to make yourself comfortable,
Isn’t that I’ve always done
I’ve kept choking on my vomit every other night till I pass out
But this is an unusually dark night and alas I’m unthinkably sober
Sanity does seem strange at times when you can only think of yourself as a cocoon
Ready to break out of the shivering excuse of a body that we take for granted
And then sob over all those pitiful grievances that we bury in our hearts
Of all the misunderstood words
Of all the misplaced greetings
Of all the mistakes in shapes of people
Lying on the cold bed of our own serene dreams
And complaining about how dark this night is
Wait, It actually is

Darker than those other nights, when my love is a little less feeble
And some shivering shadows are flickering across the street
Out of my window,
And here I am,
stumbling upon the old memoirs of laughter and little games of sorrow that we used to play
When we used to be insane enough to trust the stars
And sane enough to lust after the earthly.

For now,
I’m not going anywhere,
But you’re too far
And this night is darker than those other nights,
When you used to have love in your eyes.