Once the dust settles
All of their hours trickling through the hourglass
Come clear

Those let downs and make believe worlds cry havoc
For there is no solace in any nook
And the fear of death hangs over their heads

I’ve been thinking over and over again
And it never seems to end
After all farewells come with a scar
Too deep to let go
And too addictive to need healing

I still have some of those letters
Talking of a sea facing porch and a glossy piano
And coffee with a sleepy eyed dog

And I don’t read it when I am dipped in melancholy
I open it when I float in rejoice
For it makes me laugh
At the gullible dreams we so easily can see

I’ve caught myself calling your name in sleep
For I woke moments after
Turning to the other side of the bed
Hoping she didn’t hear

Maybe She does,

And she gulps it down with a sour pill of mercy
And drifts back to the abyss of hope
That one day
I’d call her name in my sleep
That one day
I’d let go of the scars who make me run in the graveyards of guilt when midnight moon drips

But She fails to understand
That I will let go when she will

For those’re the nights when You call out a name too
And it’s not mine

And we lie still in our make believe bed.