Now I am on a highway,
to some forgotten clouds,
blacker than ever,
Just wanting to rain over some old hills of hope.

It’s a strange feeling,
to be all alone,
In your own rhythm,
With some old songs echoing through the radio,
and some words,
which she had whispered, last night.

This road is colder than last time I was here,
and I am out of cigarettes,
The flickering lights from afar,
are the ones i hold on to.

They might be cheerless homes,
Unaware, their lights are keeping one lost soul going.

We all are like those cold hearted homes,
No warmth for ourselves,
And clueless,
Of souls who keep on holding on,
Just cause of our dim lit hearts.

So don’t let go my withered friends,
Those memories will keep you going,
Cause for now, I am on a highway,
to some forgotten clouds,
Hoping they would rain someday,

But first I get home.