I’ll just take a minute
To let it all go
Cause from the time immemorial
isn’t this the rule?
Letting it go.

You got wounded, thrashed by the hopelessness of words you thought would give you redemption.
Let it go.

There is blood dripping off your face,
Let it go.

You kept staring at the pictures for hours,
Trying to gulp down the memories, like the bitter sweet wine,
That goes down inside and what comes out is you,
the real you,

Cause the real you often comes when there is no red tape saying


You take some more sips of that scotch on the rocks of guilt, with a twist of hatred.
And that red tape is gone,
For your brain is a crime scene,
Of a massacre you never speak of,

But the real you will.

And there is that voice again,
as always,
“Let it go”

And you, just let out a fanatic chuckle,

For It’s like a thorny noose around your neck,
and letting go will come at a cost,
of snapping your neck,

But even that won’t do,
For you will let go, for sure,
But of your wretched attire,
Of your physical being.
Not those bruises on your soul.

So, for now, you let out a weak laugh,
and let go,
Of this crazy thought,
of letting go.