I can hear thunder and your tears.
I can hear the rustle of your gown
slipping through my hands,
while you pretend to walk away.

I can hear the flute of the old memories
buried deep into my chest,
I can hear the flames hidden under your breast,
I can.

I can see underneath your cobwebs of past,
there is a river flowing
Defying the glaciers of our love,
They are melting slowly,
I can see your breath slowing down,
under my breath.

There was a time
when the forests used to sing,
Of the times when we used to be lost in our darkest of memories,
I hear the sighs,
of those nests, who promised to be there when we’d visit them,
hand in hand.

I’ve grown weak in words these days,
Or it’s just in my head,
But all I can see is your face,
glistening with the melody, my violin of hopelessness plays,

Will we ever be the same again,
Will we ever be sane again,

I’ve tried,
Clenched my fists when I relapsed,
Drenched my teeth with the blood oozing out of my gums,
While I chewed on the pretense
“I’m Okay”
The lie.

Like a one note song,
You used to breathe,
And I used to melt.

But not today.

Why my conscience says
You’re not right,
Why this melody is adulterated this time.
Why cigarettes will die a burning death tonight,
Why your words are not haunting me tonight,

Have I let go?
Or Is this the newer trick the filthy stars of my fate playing on me,

For the memories that mattered were buried long ago,
But still I remember the kites I used to try to fly,
The paper boats I used to float,
And they used to sink,

Is this the same?
Our love,
Some paper boat.
Trying to make it to the other side,
On the puddle of our pretense.