Why that distant light has become my comfort?
With my back on the wall,
And my eyes stuck on that unflickering light,
Making me complete tonight.

Sometimes solaces aren’t to be found,
They find you.

My eyes are weak,
And I just look far to see,
How far I can’t see.

Maybe you won’t get this poem,
For it’s not the one to be felt,.
It’s to be seen,
With your own eyes,
Make sure you’re drunk,
Anything can be your poison,
Just make sure of that.

That far unflickering light,.
Reminds me of a woman,
Who once told me,
That I’m crazy enough to write about her,
One day.

And here I am
Proving her right.

For she met me in one of the winters evenings
And once on a summer afternoon,
When I was drunk.

She still breathes out,
And I still get her letters,

And I keep hoping she still waits for me,
Or for a summer afternoon,
On a road,.
Where I’d pass by,

But for now,
I’m still.
Just like that unflickering light.

And she.
Maybe not.