And while my ears ached,
Bruised with the shrills of your silence.
All I gazed at, was the stars you pretended to count.
The passing moments chuckled,
As if taunting the throbbing heartache I bore,
Clogged with my flaws, this lake of our love might reek of carrion of our dreams,
Once in a while, a breeze does soothe our wounds,
But when it all passes,
We are left with you and me, and my imperfections,
And the breathtaking aura, you’re made of.
I’ve been a denizen of dark woods and shivering caves,
And you,
You’ve seen the pleasant summers, and warm springs,
This makes me afraid,
Afraid I’d drag you along,
To the darkness I’ve come from,
You will shiver to your bones there,
You will cringe, at the silences I’ve sipped,
But this masochist soul, won’t let you go,
For being selfish is another bullet in my holster of flaws.