Just go out there, and show yourself what the hell you are made of,
You are not just a shell of sadness, No!
You are not just a mere skeleton walking in an attire stitched with threads of abyss,
You are someone above than that,
You are made of something so beautiful, even lightening is dazzled at odd hours of the storm,
You are not a ticking time bomb, No!
You are a nuke, just a calm one, but packing a whole cosmos inside you,
You can wreck havoc with the joy you carry within you,
You don’t have to find it,
You are it,
You are joy!
Don’t you get tired of breaking mirrors with your fist,
Your knuckles are bruised, man!
Snap out of it!
Millions of souls lie tethered to their own misery, and all they pray for a life that you so easily lead!
Isn’t that enough?
If that’s not enough, I don’t know what is,
Something buried deep down is causing you pain, but my clueless friend, know this!
Your pain is a privilege, for a thousand out there, who dream of being you,
So please, for God’s sake, Burn the shreds of sorrow,
Close your breathtaking eyes,
And look within your amazing soul,
Only to find,
You are beautiful!
Now rejoice!

For you, stranger. Ly.