These days I’ve been thinking,
A bit too much,
Not able to focus,
Not able to be driven,
The only thought that I burn every night,
And light it up with a cigarette,
Why forever is a lie?
Why this all makes sense suddenly,
When my glass of scotch is a little too biased,
For it brings me memories of us,

I’ve always told friends, “don’t go.”
And they’ve always said, ” I’m here for now .”
Why the fuck you can’t stay forever,
I’ve sought the answer all my life that I’ve lived.

I’m bad at goodbyes,
And that’s why,
Whenever you said, “I’m going.”
I’ve stopped you…

Haven’t you guessed it,
I love you damn it.
See what’s coming.
Don’t give up on me yet.

For all I know.
Forever is a lie.
And the only way I’d be proven wrong.