When you’d looked at her summer clad skin,
Your gasp could wake the neighbors,
Maybe fire fuels these dark rhymes in my head,
Remember the bluish stone I gave you?
And you couldn’t stop wearing it on your wrist.
Remember ‘The Kite Runner’?, I could smell your childhood in that book you lent me.
But then, one cloudy morning,
Your lullaby and a left over kiss,
And a song on the radio, somewhere muffled,
Somewhat familiar,
Kept playing,
And that last word you’d said, “bye”.
And i was branded, with those letters,
And with that burden,
Somewhere down the horizon,
Amidst those clouds, you’d wake up,
And the face beside you won’t be me,
Arms beside you won’t be mine,
Smell beside you won’t be me,
And for all I know,
A sigh will be heard,
Somewhat muffled,
Just like that song on the radio.