Ever tried looking up while falling?
No, you only look down,
Cause for some unknown reason,
Your own soul yearns to rather be tormented by torn demons of fear, than to see a roof fly away.

It’d take a bit, fore that sinks in.

It’s a quiet night, and I have just made another failed attempt at slipping into a serenading slumber.
I am no lost soul.
I am no insomniac,
Then why?
Well, then I take a pause and with a leftover buzz in my head,
With my heart reeking of scotch,
I pray in those moments.

I pray with my pen.
I pray for those countless nights when I slept wishing I never wake.
Those nights were never my forte.

Tonight is one of those nights,
When I am praying.
Praying like a pagan, perplexed.
With purged promises, that I made to myself.
Tonight is one of those nights when I am
A little too late to sleep, and a little early to wake up.
Funny, that sounds like my life!