Why tonight feels like the old ones,
Like the ones when we used to know each other,
Like the ones when we used to bleed into our veins,
Just like cocaine,

Why am I a little less scared, A little less cowardly,
A little less burnt up,
Why am I a little less angry than my own armageddon, that I live through every fleeting moment.
Maybe I am out of words,
And there is no rain of pain to refuel, anywhere around,

I do not hope you to see through my insanity,
I am just praying like a pagan, to an invisible god,
As if it’d help.

The cathedral of our love will crumble soon,
Will you visit sometimes to see the ruins?
Will you even let out a sigh?
Cause I will know.

To watch your home burned down
Is a trauma, you won’t ever get to know.
And I hope you never do.

Cause I was never your home,

I just was a roadside motel on a lonesome highway,

And you drove by,

Into the long night.