So will you stare at the photographs,
Over and over again?
Trying to decipher the smiles we smiled,
Will you be turning the pages I scribbled my poems on?
And run your fingers over the dried ink,
As if I reside in them!
So will you retrace the roads we walked on?
Hand in hand,
Despite the chill piercing through our chests,
Will the meadows we sat in, haunt you?
Where our lips melted once, as if the sun melts in the horizon at dusk!
Will you shiver, looking in the mirror,
When the marks on your skin, that only I saw, serenade my lullaby?
So will you look blankly at the moon,
And wish I’d be watching it too? somewhere in a dark corner of my abyss.
Will you smile when the clouds come closer?
Thinking of how I used to pull you close, and push the strands of your hair,
Drenching in the rain of your soul!
So will you miss me?
When I’m gone!

Cause I am.