I hate Once upon a time tales, And I don't go beyond the first phrase, Those stories boast of joy often, Which I used to have, Once upon a time.


Short Stories

Giving Up

"I give up on you" . . . That day, he gave up on death...  


Look What I Made Again!

Hey listen, I can't hear you! Hey look, What? Those lights are pretty, aren't they? As if some havoc is written over them, As if they crave for the touch of that solemn surge of souls again, Don't they? Hmm,... Continue Reading →


And... He stopped bleeding. After all, No one cared.

How Are You ?

"I am sorry, I didn't make it in time." "How are you?" It rained, Drenching him, and the flowers he brought, Perhaps she cried, from above.

She Has To Sleep

"But I don't want to go." "Her story isn't finished.." "She has to sleep, son, it's late" "Let's go now." Graveyard closes at seven.


" I live with my parents in a small neighbourhood. I don't have many friends but I have a brother who doesn't get to stay with me. My parents say he is unwell,┬áthat he does not have the fortune of... Continue Reading →

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