I hate Once upon a time tales, And I don't go beyond the first phrase, Those stories boast of joy often, Which I used to have, Once upon a time.


Stack Of Scrap

Poems which are written on a variety of places (ranging from napkins to personal diary), thoughts which just need to be written down, and which then just get lost with time.

Will You Miss Me, When I’m Gone?

So will you stare at the photographs, Over and over again? Trying to decipher the smiles we smiled, Will you be turning the pages I scribbled my poems on? And run your fingers over the dried ink, As if I... Continue Reading →


A Long Night

Why tonight feels like the old ones, Like the ones when we used to know each other, Like the ones when we used to bleed into our veins, Just like cocaine, Why am I a little less scared, A little... Continue Reading →


I've lost myself in those perfumed dreams I wove long back. In my insecurities, I've kept you waiting, muffled in the fog of my paranoia parched in my penance. Since you are here, I want to look at you, I... Continue Reading →

The Moon

I often wonder, why this moon is so wane tonight, He must be smoking ions and puffing out castles of clouds camouflaging his freckles, Or maybe he is just brooding over the lost stories, I throw the windows open, For... Continue Reading →

A Little More

As we fell apart, I held on to a string, you didn't think exists Buckled in the rollercoaster, Of avalanches, of promises. Where is your will, my friend? With every puff, with every needle, With every pill, with every gulp,... Continue Reading →

Who’s Stopping You?

Who is stopping you, From letting me know, How breathtaking those intricate love affairs are, While I am too much caught up in the storms within my soul, Who is stopping you, From kissing my cheeks, Even the raindrops from... Continue Reading →

Just Before I Go

Just before I go, I'd like to just let you know. The things you are afraid of, Is all that I'm made of. Just before I go, I'd just like to pray for you, For I ain't praying no more.... Continue Reading →

The Broken Dream

We were spinning around, On the broad boulevards of the town, It was minutes to the darkest hour of the night, And you were trying hard to imitate Elvis's moves, And I had frowned, Tried so hard not to giggle,... Continue Reading →

My Life

Ever tried looking up while falling? No, you only look down, Cause for some unknown reason, Your own soul yearns to rather be tormented by torn demons of fear, than to see a roof fly away. It'd take a bit,... Continue Reading →

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