Left Anterior Descending artery,

Left Main Coronary Artery,

Near Pulmonary Artery,

Heart, Circulatory System.


10th March 2016


Wherever you want to place me,

I just care that it should be in,

Your Heart


Sub : Application for the post of a Boy Friend


With reference to your advertisement posted in ( I don’t know, I don’t read newspapers, I just happen to know everything, I’m Bond) dated 2nd March, 2016 for the post of a Boy Friend, I want to offer myself as one of the candidates.

I “just” passed my 11th this year (The double inverted comma’s are removable, i.e., if you’re looking for Einstein as your Boy Friend), and have earlier been at this post in a reputed heart for several years. If I am given a chance I shall work sincerely to come to your expectations. I am enclosing herewith my detailed resume and certificates for your kind reference.

Forgetting about my unthinkable achievements at this post for the moment, I’d like to address an issue which I came across. Now obviously I know about your serene and prodigious reputation among your other counterparts, that’s why I chose your ‘company’ in the first place, but I heard that your company does not have this post at all. So, here I am requesting you to introduce it just for a limited period of time. I don’t even want a desk or even a chair, all I need is a place, so lean and thin that you’ve to calculate it using a screw gauge, and if you feel, even for a second, that it’s not worth it, just give me my daily wages, and I’ll be off.

(I wrote this application cause I seriously don’t want to regret, not writing a job application for the post of boy friend for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocius woman, even if I get rejected for it.)


With kind regards

Yours only

         Ionic Bond

               (Taken, Not shared)