I hate Once upon a time tales, And I don't go beyond the first phrase, Those stories boast of joy often, Which I used to have, Once upon a time.

Just Before I Go

Just before I go, I'd like to just let you know. The things you are afraid of, Is all that I'm made of. Just before I go, I'd just like to pray for you, For I ain't praying no more.... Continue Reading →


The Broken Dream

We were spinning around, On the broad boulevards of the town, It was minutes to the darkest hour of the night, And you were trying hard to imitate Elvis's moves, And I had frowned, Tried so hard not to giggle,... Continue Reading →

Look What I Made Again!

Hey listen, I can't hear you! Hey look, What? Those lights are pretty, aren't they? As if some havoc is written over them, As if they crave for the touch of that solemn surge of souls again, Don't they? Hmm,... Continue Reading →

My Life

Ever tried looking up while falling? No, you only look down, Cause for some unknown reason, Your own soul yearns to rather be tormented by torn demons of fear, than to see a roof fly away. It'd take a bit,... Continue Reading →


And... He stopped bleeding. After all, No one cared.

Memory Of Us

So if my death awaits, Amidst all the smoke clogging my little room, Where should I go now? For you used to be a light, And now I can't see! Where to I should lead my feet on, For I... Continue Reading →

How Are You ?

"I am sorry, I didn't make it in time." "How are you?" It rained, Drenching him, and the flowers he brought, Perhaps she cried, from above.

Dry Leaf

And for one last time, i spilled my story on an ignorant soul, Little did she know, Little did I, Maybe I was succumbing to the godless beauty, Or maybe I was just another soul seeking sympathy, As she always... Continue Reading →

A Prayer

Perhaps, we were too much of morphine to each other, Perhaps, we smoked the dew drops of our skins, a little too often, We were a moribund hope to each other, Or perhaps we were playing Russian roulette, And when... Continue Reading →

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